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Insects are omnipresent, but an excess will nearly always lead to dire consequences. Whether inside the house or in your gardens, if left unchecked they will wreak havoc. Managing their populations can be done by spraying insecticides and pesticides. The best way to do so is by using sprayers and foggers. These function like aerosol sprays and disseminate small droplets of the chemicals in the air. The insecticides etc. are thoroughly spread by the sprayers and foggers ensuring the chemicals reach in every nook and cranny. They are efficient and allow a smaller quantity of the pest controller to be spread more effectively. They range from small personal use equipment to heavy industrial grade machinery.  Sprayers and foggers are easy to use and are suited for both professional and regular use. However, most insecticides and pesticides used in them are also health hazards and appropriate precautions need to be undertaken for safe usage. At RentAlmostAnything.com you can get your choice of sprayers and foggers, best suited for your needs.  Locate the right sprayer or fogger to accomplish the task at hand along with all of your other rental needs right here on RentAlmostAnything.com.