Lawn Aerators

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Lawn aerators are the garden equipment designed to dig holes in the soil, helping the grasses grow and breathe freely. This process removes the thatch that occurred in the soil and improves the soil drainage, enchanting microfauna, microflora, and worms that require oxygen. Lawn aerators also control soil compaction and multiply the grass, allowing the fertilizers and waters to enter the root zone correctly. They can be available in either spike type or the core aerator type. The spike type uses wedge-shaped spikes to dig holes in the soil, while core aerators use hollow tines to pull out the soil's cores. At, you can discover the lawn aerators for rent at some of our top-rated vendors. Lawn aerators are easy to use and will efficiently improve the soil. Some vendors also offer the guidelines and toolkit to use during aeration. If you wish to erode the soil without spending much time and energy, then rent the lawn aerator today and make your lawn nutrient-rich again.